Types of Training



Instructor-led Classroom Training

The most common type of training. A trainer teaches delegates in a classroom. This includes hands-on and practical exercises. Normally up to 12 delegates.



Frequently used in conjunction with rolling out new software. Trainers literally walk the floor where the delegates are, answering questions and offering help for any problems. This is especially useful in transition periods where upgrades or new software have recently been installed.


Seminar-style Training Sessions

Often called Chalk & Talk, this is for larger classes. These include more demonstrations and less interaction. The trainer presents to delegates similar to a lecture. Normally for sixteen or more delegates.



A delegate may have a very specific need for training, often directly related to a business need and looking to achieve very specific results. Being a one-to-one, the trainer can focus purely on the topics that are completely relevant.

Face to Face

The trainer travels to a location of your
choice to deliver the training in person.



Training takes place online using a platform
such as Teams, Zoom, or GoToMeeting.