Courses for Microsoft Excel that will take you from the beginnings of understanding the spreadsheet through to becoming a data analysis pro. You’ll go from the first steps through to the ability to solve complex problems with Excel.


Excel Introduction

This course gives the new Excel user all the basic skills that they need to use Excel with confidence. Tips are included on using Excel quickly and efficiently. How to layout spreadsheets and create charts is part of the course.

Excel Intermediate

This course seeks to improve proficiency with Microsoft Excel. It includes working with multiple worksheets, adding database capabilities, split screens and more functions. It also takes charting a step further and introduces passwords to Excel.

Excel Advanced

This course takes the skills learned in the two previous courses and moves on to look at some of Excel’s more advanced tools. It is particularly suited to those who use Excel as a means of modelling data to find solutions to problems.

Excel VBA

VBA (Visual Basic for Applications) is a powerful programming language and one of the best places to employ it is within Microsoft Excel. This enables the delegate to program in this language by taking the theory behind VBA and turning it into something practical.

It allows turning a spreadsheet into a sophisticated data management application in its own right.