Almost everyone uses Microsoft Word, yet it has a an impressive range of time saving features that remain underused in the majority of offices.

The aim of these courses is to increase your skill and confidence levels when Word Processing, saving stress, time and money.



Word Introduction

This course takes the inexperienced user through all the basic concepts of handling a document. After this, it introduces proofing tools, text formatting, and page formatting.

This can be considered the Word essentials course as it both lays the foundations of unlocking all future skills whilst giving the attendee a good working knowledge.

Word Intermediate

This course takes the delegate deeper into the world of formatting documents with Microsoft Word, aiming to increase range of tasks that the delegate can perform.

The objective here is to deploy the skills that will assist in the creation of more professional-looking documents.

Word Advanced

The Word Advanced course focuses more on document management and functionality better suited to long or complex documents.  You’ll find essential features for managing changes and planning content.

This course also introduces the idea of forms in Word and creating task automation with Macros.